The Inheritance Games Trilogy: Series Review

Happy New Year guys! I truly hope this new year brings new beginnings and great joy to all of you. Let 2023 be the year of many adventures and passions.

Right before 2022 ended, I finished reading the Inheritance Games trilogy. Let me start off by saying that reading this was a roller-coaster ride. I have already done a detailed review of the first book, and today I’m going to be reviewing the entire series. 

The first book started off with a mystery where Avery inherits billions of dollars from a man she didn’t even know. The second book gives us many revelations including why Tobias Hawthorne left her to be the heir, and the last book is a continuation of that revelation and its consequences. The author is planning to write a fourth book featuring the Hawthorne brothers. But it is a spin-off and not a continuation of this.

Now getting into the books, I loved the first book. It was a four-star read for me. There was a mystery in the air, and I immediately fell in love with all the Hawthorne brothers, especially Xander. He’s such a cutie pie. The second book was my favourite and a five-star read for me. If there is one word to describe the book, it will be drama. There was so much drama, and so many twists and turns. The book was fast-paced, and there were so plot twists. Avery finding out about Toby, and then yearning for his love was heart-touching. But the twist at the end kinda broke my heart too.

While the second book answered a lot of questions, it still felt incomplete. There were so many loose ends. So I immediately picked up the third book of the series. Since the biggest question of the series had already been answered in the second book, I felt slightly disconnected from the third book. It started with a mystery again, but it wasn’t as gripping anymore. The book felt a little off compared to the first two books of the series. It makes sense because the author didn’t plan on writing the third book so it makes sense that it did not have that continuation flow. The third book was only a three-star read for me.

The only reason I liked the third book was that it answered all the questions that still hung in the air. It was Tobias Hawthorne who cleared the air, and that felt like real closure. The only reason I didn’t like the book was that it deviated a lot from the other two books. It ruined the characters of Jameson and Grayson for me. Grayson’s character somehow regressed and this undid all his character development. Jameson was reduced to a side character who had no depth and added nothing to the story. The love triangle became annoying. It was not needed since Avery had chosen Jameson in the second book. Also, there was no chemistry between Avery and Grayson! 

Overall, this entire series would get a four-star rating from me. It was exciting and quite fun. The characters were well-written, especially the Hawthorne brothers. Avery gets a little one-dimensional at times and other characters like Libby and Rebecca are much better rounded. However, they are barely in the books. My favourite characters from the trilogy are still Max and Xander.

I really think that this series should be turned into a movie or a series. The mysterious Hawthorne mansion and its secret passages and compartments require a visual element to be fully enjoyed. 

I recommend this to readers who are looking for an easy read for the weekend or for readers who are in a slump. It will easily get you out of your slump and reignite your love for reading. 

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